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Sandra Mosquera Vargas


Vice President, Product Manager at JP Morgan Chase

Public speaker 

 Welcome to My Digital Home!

I’m Sandra – a tech trailblazer, a passionate advocate, and a beacon of leadership. My roots are nestled in Colombia's lush rainforests, while my achievements resonate at JP Morgan Chase. Seamlessly merging Quibdó's warmth with tech dynamism, my journey isn't just about codes and algorithms, but also about uplifting communities and paving paths for future leaders.


Dive Deeper Into My Story:

  • Life Lessons from Quibdó: Quibdó served as my first classroom. Its contrasts - rich biodiversity juxtaposed with challenges - instilled in me an ethos of change-making. It’s here that I learned the importance of community upliftment, which later became the cornerstone of my advocacy work.

  • Philadelphia Diaries: In Philly, I wore many hats. Entrepreneur, tech student, and community advocate. Beyond setting up a hub for the North Philadelphia Latino community and exploring tech at Villanova, I began understanding the power of my voice and the change it could bring. This city marked the onset of my leadership journey.

  • Trailblazing at JP Morgan Chase & Beyond: At JP Morgan Chase, I don't just work; I lead and advocate. From spearheading tech projects to championing for inclusivity in the tech world, every day is about making an impact. My advocacy stretches beyond office walls, as I work towards creating equitable opportunities for minority groups in tech.

  • Advocacy & Leadership: My commitment to advocacy is deep-rooted. I fervently work towards bridging tech gaps and ensuring equal representation. Through workshops, mentorship programs, and collaborative projects, I’ve been striving to shape a more inclusive tech community. My leadership style? It's all about empowering others, fostering growth, and leading by example.

Explore further to uncover in-depth insights into my projects, leadership endeavors, advocacy initiatives, and the pearls of wisdom I've gathered on this enriching journey.
Got a spark, a thought, or want to join hands for a cause? Let’s connect! Reach out or find me on LinkedIn. Let's make waves in the world of tech and advocacy, together.
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